Psychotraumatologist Certification

Discover a brighter horizon in your trauma therapy career with the Psychotraumatologist (PsyT) Certification from the Association of Trauma Professionals (ITPA) and Psychotraumatology Institute

Offer Hurry: $ 99 USD for 3 year Certification. Regular $299 Offer only valid to EMDRIA Conference until 31th October. 

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Why Certification?

In the increasingly competitive field of trauma therapy, standing out is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. Achieving a Psychotraumatologist (PsyT) Certification from the Trauma Professionals Association (IPT) is your gateway to a realm of professional distinction and advanced practice.

Here’s why obtaining the PsyT Certification is a smart career move and the benefits that come along with it:

Global Accreditation

Gain an internationally recognized credential that instantly elevates your professional standing.

Specialized Expertise

Demonstrate your specialized expertise and commitment to best practices in trauma therapy.

Distinguished Title:

Adorn your name with a respected PsyT certification title that speaks volumes about your competence and dedication.

Online Directory Listing:

Get more clients. Be featured in our public directory of certified Psychotraumatologists, a go-to resource for individuals seeking exceptional trauma therapy.

Digital Badge

Flaunt your achievement with a digital badge on LinkedIn, personal website, and other social profiles, making you easily discoverable to prospective clients.

Career Advancement

Earn the trust and confidence of clients who value certified professionals. Attract a wider client base looking for certified trauma therapists, ultimately growing your practice