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We’re committed to developing the highest standards of proficiency and ethical practice within the Psychotraumatology profession. And we’re passionate about advocating the role, relevance and value of psychotherapy to the public, employers and commissioners.

If you share these values, we’d be delighted to welcome you as a member. You’ll be joining over 1700 other psychotraumatologists and psychotherapy practitioners and organisations in helping to raise standards, promote public safety and make our professional voice heard

Preferred Qualifications:

Minimum of  1.5 years in the Trauma Field with clients experience.

Licensed Mental Health Professionals

  • Qualifying medical doctors must be licensed to practice in their local legal country of origin
  • Qualifying Mental Health Clinicians must have a master’s degree in the mental health field (Counseling, Marriage Family Therapy, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, ) or related mental health discipline and be licensed to practice through their country of origin.


Preferred prior Training:
  • EMDR Basic and Advance Training or 
  • IFS Level 1 – Level 2 Training or
  • Brainspotting Training or
Ways of Membership
  • Issue of your Certification validating your prior training and experience


  • Taking a Mastertrack in Psychotraumatology (available in Summer 2021) Pre-registry open.
You will be full member with 3 years of valid certification.
Membership to IPT
Join more than 1700 psychotraumatologists

- Get your prior training and clinical experience in Psychotrauma Field recognized and certified.
- Your Certification Diploma as Psychotraumatologist
- Full membership to IPT