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Why Choose IPT Certifications?

The IPT see a future without the effects of Psychological Trauma & Dissociation.

Clinical Expertise

Master clinicial skills, build credibility and distinguish yourself from your peers.

Advisory Board

Certification standards are developed and verified by leading topical experts

Client Trust

Certification provides assurance to clients that you have advanced training and interest in treating clients.

Global Recognition

Our certifications are held by professionals practicing across the globe.

Career Advancement

Stay ahead of the curve by earning certifications in proven approaches and techniques.

Blockchain Verification

You’ll receive a digital secured badge you can display to show off your specialized skills.

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Why a Certification

Earning your CPT® certification helps you enjoy a rewarding career and improve people's lives. Hear about the opportunities and benefits of getting certified.

CPT® Psychotraumatolgists
CPT means Certified PsychoTrauma Therapist. Our certificationsmeet rigorous education, training and ethical standards, and are committed to serving their clients' best interests for a healthier and mindful life.
Show Confidence and Credibility
Anyone can call themselves a trauma psychoterapist. Only those who have met the standard of excellence in Psychotraumatology can call themselves a CPT® professional.


International PsychoTraumatology Association

was founded to create a more diverse and sustainable trauma professionals, so that every people has access to competent and ethical Psychotraumatologyst


500K in scholarships awarded to cultivate the next generation of trauma professionals among 22 different countries and diverse cultures.


600+ leading academics, researchers, & practitioners convened at Academic Colloquia events

Practice with Confidence

"As a CPT® professional, I am grateful to be part of a community of like-minded professionals who are committed to doing their best to change lives for the better." Jasmine Fisher, PhD