Become a Certified Psychotraumatologist CPT-IV


Accelerate your career. Being a Trauma Informed Care Professional is perfect for mental care professional who wants to distinguish themself from others colleagues as trauma specialist. This is the first step to start in the Psychotraumatology field.

Marc Antoine BUk
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When clients come into my office I want them to know, and see, that I’ve taken the time to learn about trauma, a specialized skill. My certification is much more than a framed certificate
Sarah Smith
Sarah SmithUSA
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The IPT Certification boosted my clientele. For first time in my life I have a full booked agenda and a waiting list
John Arrington
John ArringtonAustralia
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Im a 8 year EMDR therapist and the IPT Certification was the best choice I made. I can stand out from other colleagues and i have more clients
Karla Joub
Karla JoubUK
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The process to become a Psychotraumatologist is really easy, trustful and so rewarding. Since I get my certification I was able to raise my fees and get more clients.

Became a certified

Who is Elegible

Licensed Clinical Psychotherapists trained in EMDR or Brainspotting or IFS; Sensorymotor Therapy or Dissociation Training.

Clinical Practice Requirement

The applicant must attest that, over the course of their career, he/she has worked with at least 5 clients who have suffered from complex trauma for a minimum of 6 months in duration and has received at least 10 hours of consultation and/or supervision

Submit Documentation

You will requiere to submit a copy of the professional license Evidence of completion of qualifying training*, in the form of a CEU or completion certificate.

Psychotraumatologist Diploma


You will receive a certification diploma with your name, digital badges for your social profiles and a listing in a public directory of psychotraumatologists.

You will be able to display your digital badge as Psychotraumatologits

Add your digital badges to your LinkedIn Profile, Website, and Social Profiles, and all will be displayed along with your Certified Diploma in our Directory Listing.

There are two ways to obtain your certification:​

via Recognition and Certification of previous knowledge, clinical expertise and training.

or via Automatic Certification

New Release

A trustful Certification


Your certification will be valid for three years, secured, and verified through a blockchain with the option to re-certification through continual education.


Your certification will hold a security code, blockchain based verification process and three year period for expiration.


You will be a certified psychotraumatologist for three years.

Easy Renewal

To maintain Certification, reapplication is required. After your initial 3-year Certification, you can renew for 1, 2, or 3 years. A 1-year renewal requires six clock hours of trauma-focused training since you were last Certified; a 2-year renewal requires 12 clock hours, and a 3-year renewal requires 18 hours.