Certified PsychoTherapist in Complex Trauma and Dissociation CPT-IIID

Be a Clinical Certified Professional in Complex Trauma & Dissociation

Get Certified in 3-easy steps

1. Proof of Trainning
1. Proof of Trainning

You should be trained in the fundamental of Psychotrauma and basic clinical skills to treat trauma.

2. Apply Online
2. Apply Online

If you fulfill the requirements apply online, is easy and affordable.

3. Certification Issued
3. Certification Issued

After 24 - 72 hours your credential will be issued. If it is necesarry ipt will requiere and extra document verification in certain cases.

• Proof of your Specilization - The Dissociation Treatment is a subspecialization of Psychotraumatology Field.

• Documentation of Training - Certification is a personal accomplishment and unbiased barometer of your dissociation training.

• Client trust - Provide assurance to clients that you can help them when you display your certification.

• Professional recognition - Distinguish yourself from your peers and increase your opportunities for career advancement and client referrals.

Education Standards
  • You should meet  the Education Standards for CPT I/II  or have already earned the CPT I/II Certification
  • The Structural Dissociation of Personality Model.
  • Ego States Theory
  • Motivational systems Neuroaffective theory
  • Assesing Dissociation 
  • Working with Dissociative Parts
  • Treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders
  • Treating Traumatic Memories with EMDR or Brainspotting
  • Stabilization 
  • Integration in the Phase 3 of  Harman Trauma Treatment Model
Who is elegible

Been trained in at least one Trauma Processing Model ( EMDR, IFS, OEI, or Brainspotting) If you don’t have one of these trainings, you are not eligible for this certification.

Clinical Psychologist (LP, LCP, BSA, MSSA PsyD) 

Clinical Psychotherapist

Psychiatrist (MD)

Psychoanalyst (LP)

Marriage and Family Therapist ( LCMFT • LIMFT • LMFT )



Accepted Trainings for automatic certification
  • Onno Van Der Hart Trainnings
  • PESI Dissociation Trainings
  • Treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders  Janina Fisher Trainings
  • Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivor 
  • IFS Level 2 or 3 Trainings.

If you are looking for Dissociation Training in 2022 we will offer the Treating Trauma-Related Dissociation: A PracticalIntegrative Approach Seminar. Please request information at caspt@iptrauma.org . Limited seats. Completly online and ondemand.

Certification Application Process
  1. Payment of the Application Fee.
  2. Submit your info (you will receive it by email after your payment is processed)
  3. If  we consider it necessary we will ask you to submit the following documentation:
    1. Copies of completion of training as outline in the Educational Standards
    2. Documentation of professional status in the form of one of the following:
      1. Licensed professional – a copy of your professional license or designation
      2. Graduate student – a copy of your unofficial transcript .
  4. Your Certification is Issued after verification between 48 – 72 labor hours.

Note: If by any means your certification is not approved we will refund the payment done between 1-3 days after you receive the notice that your certification was not approved

If you have questions you can write us at certifications@iptrauma.org

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